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402 days. 402 (plus or minus… mostly minus) posts.

Month: February, 2013

Day 91: Mom Dancing

My sister shared this with me this morning and I had to spread it around.

Politics aside, here are three reasons you should watch this video:

  • It’s dancing. Dancing is always awesome.
  • It encourages parents to get up and dance with their kids. Kids are the most fun, creative and unselfconscious dancers out there. If I were a parent, I’d have a weekly dance night with my kids at minimum. 
  • Moms come up with some really unique moves.

And now I present Evolution of Mom Dancing with Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama:

Day 90: She’s Funny

I started dating a guy (not from the Internet, although I do think he would appreciate my burning gingerbread house profile picture) who likes reading my blogs out loud to me. It’s a sweet but strange experience that makes me painfully aware of my tendency to use awkwardly long lists and excessive qualifiers.

A couple of evenings ago, he read aloud to me while I sat on the couch and tried to concentrate on a riveting episode of Chopped. In response to my squirming and grumbling, he amicably switched to reading someone else’s blog out loud. I liked that much better until he laughed and said, “She’s funny!”

In general, I don’t feel necessarily competitive (I was more of a “social athlete” in college), but I did feel a little “Oh-no-she-isn’t” twinge kick an extra beat into my heart. Three funny blogs in, I asked him to please go back to reading mine out loud instead.

Days later, I’m trying to figure out what stirred in me. Was it blog envy? Some kind of primal urge to mark my digital territory? Could I have been jealous of her humor prowess?

One of the wonderful things about blogging is that everyone can do it, regardless of how “good” they are. Any 13-year-old with public library access and a dash of tenacity can scoop up some online earth to call their own. So, I’ve always been comfortable knowing there are bloggers out there who are funnier, smarter, deeper, more cultured and more well-read than I am (even some of those 13-year-olds). They challenge the rest of us to be better writers.

As this post is read aloud to me, I’ll listen quietly and dig deep into my soul to source the cause of my discomfort. I’ll also try to use more metaphors.

Day 89: Taking Advice

Remember all that great advice you’ve dispensed throughout the years? Maybe you recommended living in the present moment or focusing on the positives. Or you advised resting, smiling, breathing, trying harder, trying a little less hard, eating healthy food, turning off the TV, dancing, exercising, sleeping, talking, not talking or telling the people you love that you love them.

You should totally take your own advice.

Tonight, I’m taking my advice to take one’s own advice and I’m shutting down the computer for the evening. While I crawl into my warm bed and sleep for the next 100 years, please enjoy this photograph of the magical woods in Lutsen, Minnesota.

See you in dreamland.


Day 88: Walking is Hard

I’m currently rehearsing for a dance show that requires me to walk.

Yes, walk. And that’s it. I walk.

But it’s not just any old walking. It’s slow and steady walking that is deliberately quiet, grounded and light. I’m supposed to walk my whole body forward—my heart, my brain, my belly, the space behind my shoulders, the back of my head, my legs, and all of my tissues and skin cells. It requires a kind of presence that is completely absent of ego. In short, it’s hardcore.

Tonight in rehearsal, I sucked at it. I got distracted by my shoes and kept scrunching up my face when I looked at the stage lights. I’m supposed to look forward and walk in a straight line, but somehow I looked sideways and walked in an arch. While half of my brain focused on being extremely cold, the other half reprimanded the cold half for not investing more in the walking (“Pay attention! Walking makes you warmer!”).

But, there it is. Sometimes walking is hard.

And sometimes other, much more complicated stuff is hard. Like knowing where you want to be but not how you should get there. Or wanting to save the whales and the trees but feeling like Earth is too big and you are too small.

Those complicated hard things become easier when they’re broken down into steps. Meeting a life goal? Step one: update your resume. Saving the planet? Step one: bring a reusable bag to the grocery store this week.

Aptly, walking becomes easier when broken down into steps as well. Step one: take a step.

Tomorrow, I will take some really good steps. And hopefully by this weekend, I’ll be walking.

Day 87: Presence Day, Part 2

In honor of day two of Presence Day, I’m proposing a few of additions to our Presence Day regimen.

  • Meet a good friend for a beer. Talk about the concepts and issues important to you, like kindness, racism, sexism and good balsamic vinegar. And how you’re completely comfortable putting international travel on your credit cards.
  • Admit you don’t know something. Then learn about it.
  • Think about someone you love. Then call them, just to say hello (and that you love them).