This blog came into its name on November 25, 2012. I gave myself 402 days (until December 31, 2013) to blog every single day.

It was a good idea at the time. As a writer, choreographer, strategist, and never-ending learner, I depend on rules, deadlines and accountability in order to create. My self-imposed 402 rule served me well until March 29, 2013, when I found myself with too many commitments and some kind of weird stomach bug (details spared). I had to let something go, so I let go of the every day-ness of this blog.

Now, 402 is a vehicle for interestingness, ideas and incredible people every few weeks (or, honestly, years). People, dance, art, climate, soil, outer space, neurology, nature, strategy, communities, and inventions are all interesting to me, so I tend to blog about those topics. I don’t think I’ve blogged about sports yet, but… never say never.

If you’re curious for more, I also run a strategy and research company called Mess Hill.