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Day 64: Spitting Plasma

Technology is so cool. On August 31, 2012, NASA spacecraft captured images of a giant filament of plasma erupting off the sun’s surface into space.

Close-up images. Of the sun.

(For  a “that’s amazing!” reference, the sun is 93,000,000 miles away and more than one million Earths could fit inside of it.)

Apparently, 2013 is slated to be a year of peak sun storm activity. As far as I understand, there’s really nothing we can do about super-powerful electromagnetic pulses headed towards our atmosphere except look at pictures of the plasma flares and think they’re kind of beautiful.

Solar prominence

Want to see the plasma in action? Check out this super sweet sun spitfire video from Space.com

Day 22: Beautiful Earth

Sometimes (especially in sad and confusing times), it helps to be reminded of Earth’s beauty. This planet existed before we got here and it will be here when we’re gone. For now, we get to see and experience it from a huge variety of vantage points.

Last month, NASA released “Earth as Art,” a 158-page book celebrating “the patterns, shapes, colors and textures of the land, oceans, ice and atmosphere.” It’s beautiful. The satellites providing the imagery captured light and patterns not visible by the naked human eye.

NASA has made a free e-book of “Earth as Art” available for download. Get it here. Have an iPad? There’s an app for that. And, you can peruse the NASA Earth site for more incredible imagery and information.

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