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Day 172: Sit and Smile

Sometimes you have a day that feels a little bit long (if for no reason other than that you stayed up too late watching The West Wing on Netflix). And sometimes, at the end of those long days, you just need something that makes you sit and smile.

Here  it is (thank you, Jess).

Day 87: Presence Day, Part 2

In honor of day two of Presence Day, I’m proposing a few of additions to our Presence Day regimen.

  • Meet a good friend for a beer. Talk about the concepts and issues important to you, like kindness, racism, sexism and good balsamic vinegar. And how you’re completely comfortable putting international travel on your credit cards.
  • Admit you don’t know something. Then learn about it.
  • Think about someone you love. Then call them, just to say hello (and that you love them).