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Day 129: Something for Your Morning

Mornings represent a host of wonderful, lovable things—newness, opportunity, vitality, positivity… they’re the beginning of a day with unlimited potential. And sometimes—sometimes—mornings bring us the sun, which pulls all the reluctant greenness out of the ground and the trees.

For all intensive purposes, mornings are awesome.

Yet, mornings aren’t easy for everyone, including me. My snooze-button process takes at least 45 minutes each day.

And it’s not that I’m a night bird—I think I just really love lying down. Given the opportunity, I’ll lie around pretty much anywhere. But mornings are not about lying down or around; they’re inherently about getting up. At some point, our feet have to hit the proverbial (and literal) ground.

To combat my morning struggles, I started leaving myself morning treats. A clean and dish-free sink, a eucalyptus shower bomb, a bowl of jelly beans (the beans turned out to be less of a treat and more of a future headache), an outfit pre-picked and steamed, etc. For the most part, the treats have helped.

So if you’re like me, here’s a treat for you. And it doesn’t require any pre-morning prep. Either get up four minutes early or enjoy it during your breakfast. Either way, it’s a morning motivator. I promise.

A brief warning: you might end up singing it all day.

Day 96: Day Haiku

It seemed about time for another round of haiku (and if haiku isn’t really your thing, please go back one post and read Spring by Mary Oliver… its lovely).

As with my day of haiku-ing in the Los Angeles airport, I don’t know if these are traditionally accurate. But they do follow that beloved 5-7-5 system.

One Day:

Awake for hours, they
play in the grey morning light
as you drift and sigh.

Smooth cords and slick screens
on each wooden slat. Smells like
caffeine and laughter.

Dishes pile and things
fall to the ground. They stay, for
a long walk awaits.

Cool blue and warm white
soothe to you sleep while the Earth
spins into morning.