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Day 129: Something for Your Morning

Mornings represent a host of wonderful, lovable things—newness, opportunity, vitality, positivity… they’re the beginning of a day with unlimited potential. And sometimes—sometimes—mornings bring us the sun, which pulls all the reluctant greenness out of the ground and the trees.

For all intensive purposes, mornings are awesome.

Yet, mornings aren’t easy for everyone, including me. My snooze-button process takes at least 45 minutes each day.

And it’s not that I’m a night bird—I think I just really love lying down. Given the opportunity, I’ll lie around pretty much anywhere. But mornings are not about lying down or around; they’re inherently about getting up. At some point, our feet have to hit the proverbial (and literal) ground.

To combat my morning struggles, I started leaving myself morning treats. A clean and dish-free sink, a eucalyptus shower bomb, a bowl of jelly beans (the beans turned out to be less of a treat and more of a future headache), an outfit pre-picked and steamed, etc. For the most part, the treats have helped.

So if you’re like me, here’s a treat for you. And it doesn’t require any pre-morning prep. Either get up four minutes early or enjoy it during your breakfast. Either way, it’s a morning motivator. I promise.

A brief warning: you might end up singing it all day.

Day 127: Happy Day

Admittedly, I don’t go to church much anymore. I really enjoy connecting with the thing that connects all of us, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve enjoyed it more in nature and in meditation than in buildings and through structure. Time may shift me again, but I feel connected and content for now.

That said, I went to church today. The sermon was lovely. I felt welcomed and loved and totally free to find God in my own way.

Below are some sermon takeaways that I’d like to share.

1. Some people go to church once or twice per year because it has a cultural and historic place in their life. I’m one of those people and it’s okay to be a person like me. We’re still welcome.

2. Loving yourself, your family and the good people of the world is not enough love. Loving everyone—the bullies, the hurtful and violent ones, the lost and the mean—is closer to enough. The goal is all love all the time. And love is love, whether or not religion is part of your personal fabric.

3. Everyone thinks they have the best dad. The pastor told us a story about a friend whose daughters were arguing with their friends over who had the best dad (cute right?). The pastor explained that in listening to the recap of the argument, he felt everyone was right. Although the girls had different dads, they could each believe in the truth and best-ness of their own dads. The pastor told us that he believes in the truth of Jesus Christ and can proclaim him to be the one true savior, but that God’s mansion is a huge one, and there are many ways to enter into it. It’s okay to believe in your truth while honoring the truths of others.

4. New life is everywhere, all the time and in everyone. We are new every single day. Take advantage of it.

So, a very happy Easter to you.

Also, happy Passover.

And happy Cesar Chavez Day.

dock and water

This picture always makes me think of “newness.”