Day 14: Food Play

by ashleighpenrod

There are three good reasons for the following post:

1. It seemed apt to follow a post about the nature of good art with a picture of good edible art.

2. It’s Saturday.

3. Since I’m not yet on Instagram, I have to occasionally share photos elsewhere (because what else would I do with my photos?). Back in November, a fake Chris Rock (who I thought was the real Chris Rock, but the account has since been disabled) Tweeted this:

“Blogs are for people who can’t write books. Twitter is for people who can’t write blogs. Instagram is for people who can’t write.”
– a person who pretended to be someone else

So, here is a picture of the most adorable chocolate you’ve ever seen:


It’s a beehive! Sitting on a couch! Cute.

Visit the Chicago area and you too can have beautiful and delicious chocolates to place around your house and then eat.