Day 32: Daily Do

by ashleighpenrod

Thank goodness for structure and accountability. I’m tired and content today, and would rather zone out and watch my dad make midday pancakes than write a post.

But, them’s the breaks. This blog is a daily commitment through December 31, 2013. It’s an exercise in following through, managing time and writing when I would rather sleep/eat/read/sleep/dance/organize the sock drawer.

One of the many nice things about a daily resolution is that the resolver gets to experience a daily sense of accomplishment (even when the product isn’t perfect).

Instead of making a giant yearly list, maybe this year we should all resolve to do something daily. Once a day, we can say hi to a stranger, say “yes” instead of “no,” read a chapter, run a mile, eat something green, put down the phone, write a blog, make a mess, make the bed, call mom, send a note, recycle something, create something, be really quiet, yell really loudly, light a candle, thank a friend, sit still, dance around, smile big, giggle and snort, breathe, pet a dog, feed a fish, help a kid, encourage a parent and/or look at the sky.

What can/will you commit to doing every day?

Journal The journal image will link you to a blog writing resolution project set up by Meg Waite Clayton.