Day 42: The Day

by ashleighpenrod

Today’s the day! I have officially entered the middle third of my life (all things considered). Is it narcissistic of me to admit that seeing “January 5” on things makes me feel special? It’s a rhetorical question—no need to answer.

So far, I have slept luxuriously late, sent my sister on an errand to Anthropologie, felt like a birthday queen via Facebook (thank you, everyone) and written a magazine article about the cutest baby ducklings ever. I’m already enjoying being 30.

At risk of rambling on about my birthday for too much longer, I’d like to share a couple of addendums to yesterday’s post about how everyone should dance.

1. This delightful video of Angela Trimbur, who filmed herself dancing solo in the airport. She’s wearing earphones, so presumably she’s the only one who hears the music. My favorite part is watching everyone at baggage claim try to ignore her. Why ignore? She’s fabulous!

Thank you very much to my lovely dancing friend, Katy, who sent me the video all the way from Mumbai.

2. This inspiring story about John Lowe, a 91-year-old man who took up ballet after attending his granddaughter’s recital at age 79. As a former prisoner of war and current principal dancer, this guy knows what’s up.

Thank you to the beautiful Lily, who danced with me in Italy and shared this story from Texas.

On with the dance!

Dancing in the Park

What I can only assume this year will be like—a joyful, blindfolded dance in the park.