Day 53: Skink and Drink

by ashleighpenrod

Here is a fact about the Blue-Tongued Skink, an Australian critter: the vividness of their blue tongues often startles potential predators away. If you look closely at the photo, you can see a tiny bit of this little guy’s tongue. He was pretty quick with it.


Here is a fact about my vacation so far: I’ve had to drink more water in the last three days than I’ve probably consumed in the last three months. It’s unbelievably amazing here, and equally as unbelievably humid. My brain has slowed down to the pace of the air, and I’m going to have to keep this particular blog short and sweet (speaking of sweet, there’s an unending supply of delicious fruit smoothies in Queensland… even without all the other amazing perks, the smoothies alone make the trip worthwhile).


A beautiful tree and some gorgeous non-drinkable water.