Day 55: The Forts

by ashleighpenrod

On our massive Wednesday hike, Ciara and I also wandered up through “The Forts,” a winding trek that gave us some insight into Australia’s role in WWII.

During the war, Maggie Island housed a command post, at which Australian soldiers stood watch over the water, looking for Japanese war ships. The guns kept there were precautionary and were never actually used. And little did we know that some of the boulders we hiked over were actually fake and were built as camouflage.


The ammunitions building felt a little more like a creepy jail. We took some photos and got the heck out of there.


The soldiers had panoramic views of the water from their watchtower.

The gun post

The gun post seemed like an obvious place to take a senior picture.


One of the buildings was off-limits, but Ciara is pretty adventurous (we turned right around after this picture).


I saved the best for last. This is a wild koala taking a snooze in a tree near some of the fort buildings. You’re mostly seeing his cute little butt, wedged between the branches.