Day 58: Letters from Camp

by ashleighpenrod

When my mother was but a wee Girl Scout camper, her younger brother Craig wrote her a letter from home, keeping her apprised of the latest home happenings. It’s a lovely letter—especially when he tells her about all the pets who either died or ran away in her absence (namely Snoopy, the rabbit).

Here it is:

Dear paula
Are you having fun without
Two Brothers to Bug you around.
The Bird Died Monday,
I miss you to.
The porch is pretty.
The fish and gurbles are ok
Snopy is gone.

In the spirit of camp letters, here is my letter from camp (Australia) to my friend Michelle, who is watching Brian Boitano for me while I travel:

Dear Michelle,

Australia is great. I’ve met a lot of nice people and eaten lots of mangoes. I also touched a jellyfish (accidentally) and a turtle (purposefully). I’m okay.

If Brian dies while I’m gone, don’t worry. I’m sure it wasn’t something you did.




P.S. I swear that jelly came out of nowhere.