Day 133: Incredible Creatures

by ashleighpenrod

Here are some reasons why humans are incredible creatures:

We are adaptable and scrappy.

We can remove ourselves from our own realities and imagine how another person feels within theirs.

We are both mind-blowingly strong and incredibly fragile. We can steel ourselves through extreme turmoil and duress, but still fall to pieces over a couple of words.

Our brains can change themselves based on how we use them.

We love learning.

Our bonds with each other are so strong that we’ll put another’s safety, wellbeing and even life ahead of our own.

Even though we can be ruiners, we are also fixers, savers and solvers.

Our changeability allows us to be cruel and indifferent, and still learn to be compassionate and kind.

We want to know what’s out there, so we go out there.

We can always be worse and always be better.

We are logical, whimsical, romantic, dogmatic, sensitive, practical, strategic, spontaneous, naïve, deliberate, careless and brilliant. All at the same time.

Bittersweet by Brian AndreasStorypeople by Brian Andreas