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Day 116: Pretty Planet

I’ve shared Chris Hadfield’s photos before, and I’m sharing a few others today. On this bitter 5ºF morning in the Midwest, it’s been lovely to put on a warm sweater, clasp my hands around a cup of tea and consider the awesomeness of Earth.

Hadfield is a Canadian astronaut orbiting the Earth relatively lowly on the International Space Station. If you follow him on Twitter, you can see almost daily pictures of our beautiful planet from the sky.

Here’s an image of visible fault lines in South Africa:

South Africa fault lines

And here is the Mexican Colima volcano, smoking gracefully:

Mexican Colima volcano

And of course, our gorgeous moon:


All photos by Chris Hadfield.

Day 77: Two Things

Just two things to say today:

1. If I had known so many of you were going to read Dating Dancers, I might have spruced it up with some pictures of ballet shoes and old T-shirts. Lesson learned. Thank you for reading!

2. The Earth is beautiful. Both NASA and Wired Science have collections of some gorgeous spacey photos, but I recently found Chris Hadfield’s Twitter feed and am hooked. He’s a Canadian astronaut living aboard the International Space Station. The relatively low orbit of the space station enables him to see Earth on a global scale (literally) but still pick up on the details of changing climates, cities and landmarks. He shares his photos every day. If you’re a Twitterer (Tweeter? Twit?), you may want to check him out.

Australian outbackNope—this is not a Gerhard Richter painting. It’s the Australian outback from space.