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Day 520: The Dog Days

I can’t stop looking at pictures of cute, adoptable dogs. I. Can’t.

Take Cookie, for example. Cookie, who would be given the name Brian just as soon as she came home with me (it’s fine; it can be a girl name). She likes to snuggle and chase a toy? She’s perfect. But I can’t adopt her yet and I so wish I could.

It’s hard to admit that my lifestyle only allows me to take care of myself and a couple of cilantro seedlings. And maybe a cat, but I’d have to restructure my apartment to give it a stimulating living environment. (Sidebar: If you love cats, you’ll love this live stream of cats at the first ever Cat Café in NYC. It’s only up through Sunday, April 27, so if you click on the link and it’s gone—sorry!)

Happy pets live with owners who spend time with them, and I’d want my dog to be the happiest.

The ASPCA estimates that approximately 3.9 million dogs enter shelters each year in the United States. Each. Year. Only about 649,000 of those dogs are ‘lost’ and returned to their owners. That leaves over 3 million dogs just waiting to come home with me (or you). And the vast majority of them aren’t scary or mean or broken—they’re perfectly friendly and lovable. Like Cookie. Little charmer, that one.

So if you’re thinking about getting a dog, and you’ve got the time to play with, walk, run, rub, train and feed your future dog, please consider adoption and let me live through you vicariously. Also, please invite me over to your house to play with your dog. I’ll even be on poop patrol (like once).

Bam Bam

That’s Bam Bam, an adoptable dog in Minnesota. OMG. Take that pup home! 

Day 46: Cats and Dogs

I started a super cool new contract position at a creative agency yesterday, and will be spending the next few months learning more about cats than I ever dreamed I would know.

Yes, cats.

In the process, I’m sure I’ll learn a bit about dogs, too—but mostly cats. In perusing the brand voice files yesterday to learn more about a particular cat and dog food company, I came across a really interesting chart about the differences between cat and dog pet owners, and how they view their relationships with their animals.

Which made me curious about the differences between my cat and dog-owning friends.

If you have a cat or a dog, why did you choose the animal you chose? And how do you view your pretty pet? As a friend? A child? A sibling? What were you looking for when you found and/or adopted him or her?

I realize the relationship distinctions above require thinking of your animal in human terms; but thinking in human terms is how we make sense of all of our relationships, so it’s not that strange. I freely admit that I view Brian Boitano as my independent roommate (except when he needs food or clean water—then, he’s my little buddy). He’s my company when I come home and he is decidedly not warm or snuggly.

If my lifestyle supported a furry friend, I always imagined I’d run around with a dog. But with all the interesting things I’m learning about felines, I can no longer be sure. I’ll have to discuss it with my new four-legged co-worker, Waffles (pictured).