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Day 311: To My Sister on Her 19th Day of Marriage

Dear Sister,

Congratulations. Not because you’re married now, and not because you threw an amazing party that your guests begrudgingly left high on laughter and wine and still super sweaty from dancing to What Does the Fox Say.

Congratulations because you’re a thoughtful, intelligent, funny, caring, dedicated, driven and beautiful person. And you married a guy who respects, challenges and loves you. I am proud to call him my brother.

Watching you on your wedding day reminded me how incredibly lucky I am to be your (slightly older and incredibly knowledgable) sister. But mostly your friend. You move through life with a sort of fierce grace that I so admire.

Since I neglected to leave these at the wedding itself, here are my wishes for you and my new little bro:

May you foster a bright light in each other. May you feed the light’s flame should it ever start to dim.

May you help each other grow, with the wisdom that you can grow in different and complementary ways.

May you let the little things go. May you respect the big things.

May you laugh and laugh and laugh.

May you not try to change each other. May you commit to constant personal growth instead.

May you create a safe and welcoming space for each other.

May you support each other’s interests but not each other’s habits.

May you always think quirks are cute.

May you celebrate the beautiful world together. May you cry sometimes, too.

May you pause often and let angry words float quietly away.

May you understand each other’s needs. May you respect that your partner’s needs may be different than yours.

May you work and relax.

And may you always remember that you have two sisters, two brothers and a host of other lovelies who are there for you anytime you need really good advice, dance instruction, booze, a good book, an arm to lean on, pizza, a doctor, perspective, funny jokes and/or an open ear. We’re only an instant phone call or a short plane ride away.

My sister's wedding(Also, thanks for picking out the killer bridesmaid dresses. Love, Ashleigh)

Day 82: Sample Valentines

Not sure what to say today? Here are some sample Valentine’s Day wishes you can share with your loved ones.

To the friend you see all the time:
You are the coolest. Thank you for drinking that bottle of wine with me last week and for always telling me when it’s been too long between showers. #besties

To the friend you haven’t seen in a while:
Hey, you. I miss you. Come visit me soon and we’ll go to the park and pretend to be robots just like the good old days when we were nine. Me-Malfunction-Without-You.

To that person you just started dating:
We haven’t been dating long enough for me to comfortably say anything other than that you smell good. Have a great day!

To that person you’ve been dating forever:
You still look good in those sweatpants, babe. Also, I saved you three pieces of chocolate.

To your parents:
Do you remember back in 1999 when someone hit the side of our house with a car? That was me. Love you!

To your kids:
One day, someone will fall in love with you and you will fall in love with someone. On that day, the “someones” might not be the same people. Don’t sweat it.

To yourself:
Treat yourself today—to some chocolate cake, to a spin class at that fancy gym, to the new sweater you were eyeing last December (it’s on sale now!). You rock.


Day 71: More wishes

Just a couple more wishes on this important day in American history.

May you always appreciate quality time spent with good friends, no matter what the activity.

May you miss the big game one year in order to go see some really good live art (just consider it).

And may you get a really good night’s sleep tonight.

Day 70: Wishes

On this Saturday evening, I have some wishes for you:

May you always have a warm heart, even when it’s colder outside than the inside of your freezer.

May you have a good relationship with your family, because they will be your lifelong champions (they will also tell you when you have food in your teeth).

May you treat yourself with respect.

May you break a few things and either put them back together or let them rest.

May you laugh until you’re miserable in just the right way (stomach ache, tears, whatever you just drank coming out of your nose, etc.).

And finally, may you dance and dance and not feel the least bit self-concious about your body or your style. Your dancing is the best dancing.