Day 20: Here’s The List

by ashleighpenrod

I love a good list. I really do. I make them all the time. Unfortunately, I tend to lose them pretty swiftly after making them (I found one from 2009 in my costume box last week). Since it occurred to me today that my youngest sister is visiting me in one short week, I am making a public list of stuff I need to do before she gets here. I can Google it whenever I forget what it says.

For usability purposes, I wrote it to myself, as myself. That way, it’s like a good pep talk (go get ’em, tiger!).

To Do

1. Hide her presents. You love telling people what you got them before they open their gifts, but it’s really only fun if they haven’t already seen the goods.

2. Fix the constantly running toilet. You’re crafty and you have two hands—you can adjust the chain or get a new plugger thingy. Better yet, you can use your dexterity to call the landlord.

3. Give Brian Boitano some fresh water. Seriously, he’s living in a marble slum right now and it’s embarrassing.

4. Ask her if she drinks dairy milk or soy milk. And then buy more soy milk.

5. For goodness sake, throw away that old grape. Your science experiment turned it into a raisin and now it’s just an old raisin.

6. Either put the vacuum back in the closet or use it. It’s been sitting in the kitchen since Thanksgiving and it’s starting to look like a sculpture.

7. Come up with a list of medical mysteries she can solve while she’s visiting. She’s a med student. She knows everything.

8. Come up with a list of things you know more about than she does so you can demonstrate that you’ll always be older and wiser.

9. Enlist your middle sister for help with number 8.

10. Optional: Finish making the college graduation gift you promised to give her two and a half years ago when she graduated. And then hide it.