Day 27: Call for Content

by ashleighpenrod

Since the world is still here, I will continue my plan to blog every day until it ends (or until December 31, 2013).

In January, I am taking a trip to see my favorite outdoor enthusiast in Australia. I may not have Internet access each day I’m there, so I’ll have to pre-plan some posts. The concept of pre-planning is a pretty big paradigm shift for this particular writer, because I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants so far.

Thus, I need some help.

Call for Content

Do you have a great blog post idea? Please, please (please) share it with me (unless you are saving it for your bad blogging self, which I completely understand). Here is what I’m looking for:

  • Interesting people to profile
  • Interesting philosophies to ponder
  • Interesting personal quirks to discuss (yours, someone else’s, etc.)
  • Interesting questions to probably not answer
  • Interesting books to discover
  • Un-interesting stuff of all ilk

I’ll take whatever you’ve got. Leave your best, worst and everything-in-between nuggets in the comments section below.

America thanks you.

Also, here is a picture of Brian Boitano wearing his Girl Scout sash. He does a good turn daily.

Brian Boitano