Day 29: Sister Sister

by ashleighpenrod

My sister is here! Yesterday, I managed to achieve nearly everything on my list of items to accomplish before she got here.

Unfortunately, I did not fix the running toilet. In fact, I made it worse. But I did devise a complex system of handle jiggles that temporarily solves the problem between flushes (I can only assume you’ve been waiting patiently to hear an update about my toilet).

So far, she and I have:

  • eaten chili
  • talked a lot about obstetrics (don’t worry, parents… neither of us are pregnant)
  • slept for a combined total of 22.5 hours
  • bought some really tiny cheeses (seriously, they’re adorable)
  • finished our Christmas shopping
  • discussed our other sister’s wedding plans
  • eaten apples
  • checked Facebook on our iPhones
  • discussed the pitfalls and triumphs of online dating
  • returned a shirt at Target
  • agreed that Zach Efron is going to hate his YOLO tattoo in a couple of years
  • put on yoga outfits

We’re about to go to a yoga class together. Cute.

Here’s hoping your holiday weekend is as fun and sisterly as ours!