Day 50: On the Road

by ashleighpenrod

Thanks very much to my mother, who is guest blogging for me today while I incoherently drool on a 14-hour flight (no medication necessary; any sort of air pressure change and I’m out). And yes, the Joie referenced below is the very same Joie who gave me a much-needed heads-up about what “fanny” means in Aussie slang on my “Getting Ready” post.


When Ashleigh called and asked if I (her mom) thought she was nuts to use the money she didn’t have to accept an invitation to visit a college friend in Cairns, Australia, I said, “Why not? Now is the time in your life to do it!” I actually think ANY time in life is the time to accept such incredible invitations, but that’s another blog for another day.

One of my very, VERY favorite artists lives in Australia. Curious, I did an Apple Maps (I know.) search to get directions so Ashleigh could meet Joie Villeneuve. Joie and her partner, Ilana, live in Perth.

Here’s what I found:

Cairns to Perth

Using my mad math skills, I think that means FIFTY-SEVEN hours of driving. New York to Los Angeles would take, according to Apple Maps (Again, I know.) forty-four hours. Ooof.

Here’s to a great adventure that doesn’t include a mother’s suggestion for a cross-continental get-together for soy chai lattes.

Joie and Ashleigh will meet another time.