Day 79: The Yes Story

by ashleighpenrod

Sometimes there’s more to the yes story. Here are some translations:

Can you finish this today? Yes.
Translation: Six hours and two coffees later, I actually meant to say no.

May I borrow that shirt? Yes.
Translation: I might try to kid myself at first, but I know it’s no longer my shirt.

Do you want to watch a movie? Yes.
Translation: Yes.

Will you help me with this tiny project? Yes.
Translation: Yes, because my understanding of your “tiny project” is about seven times smaller than your understanding of it.

Did you enjoy meeting my parents? Yes.
Translation: Of course. And if I meant no, I’d absolutely never tell you.

Do you like spicy food? Yes.
Translation: Totally, assuming you mean in comparison to uncooked potatoes.

Does this look okay? Yes.
Translation: I do mean yes, but I don’t really know what “not okay” looks like.

Can you fix this? Yes.
Translation: Definitely. I can fix anything. If your question is, “Will this work after you fix it?” the answer might be no.

Are you sure? Yes.
Translation: Now that I’ve already said it, I have to keep saying yes.

You agree with me, right? Yes.
Translation: “Right?” is a powerful addition to any question.