Day 78: Snowstorm Preparedness Kit

by ashleighpenrod

So, there’s been a lot of snowing across the U.S. this week. In order to ease overall snow anxiety, I put together a list of stuff everyone should have in their snowstorm preparedness kit.


Apples. Apples are great in any situation. They’re delicious and healthy.

Board games. If you’re one of the strange few who doesn’t like board games, you can use the boards to shovel snow.

Snow shovel. In case you don’t want to ruin your board games.

Watermelon licorice. It’s actually even better than the raspberry licorice I recommended for the build-your-own-bunker kit.

A gas stove. If your radiant heat stops working, you’ll probably want to turn on the oven, open the oven door and bask in some warm gas.

Your pets. They should probably be inside, especially if they have white fur.

Coal, a carrot, a scarf, a top hat and some sticks (you know why).

A whole lot of Parliament on your iTunes playlist. You should probably download it now just in case your computer suffers from snow exhaustion.