Day 83: It Was a White Christmas

by ashleighpenrod

Here in the Midwest, we’re in a period I affectionately like to call “the worst time of the year.” The novelty of our dramatic winter has worn off, but we’re nowhere near the end of it. Our cars are covered in brown grit, our skin is visibly aching for vitamin D and all our good boots are covered in salt stains.

But, there are glimpses and tiny promises of spring emerging. If you’re a Midwesterner like me (and threaten to move to the coast every February), here are some happy thoughts to tide you over for the next 6+ weeks.

  • It’s still light out at 5 p.m. It’s the kind of bright evening light we haven’t seen since October. And it’s only getting lighter from here.
  • If it’s just a little bit breezy outside and you stand shivering on the street corner for long enough, you can catch a momentary hint of spring wafting past your nose. It’s worth the wait.
  • Sweaters are on serious sale right now. If you buy one (or two!), you’ll get at least a month of good mileage out of it before packing it up in your winter Rubbermaid.
  • All of that piled up snow will become welcome moisture for the trees and plants in a few short weeks.
  • The birds are starting to stir in the mornings. It’s possible that the birds have been stirring in the mornings all year long, but they’ll get pleasantly louder soon.
  • In six months, you will experience a moment of longing for the cozy blanket of winter. We’re swiftly approaching less cozy times, so you might as well snuggle up now.

Leaning tower of snow person