Day 84: Febsgiving

by ashleighpenrod

To continue yesterday’s post about happy things Midwesterners can think about during the next million years (six weeks) of winter, I’d like to recommend Febsgiving.

Febsgiving is exactly what it sounds like: Thanksgiving in February. By the time February rolls around, most of the good winter holidays are over (excluding President’s Day, of course). So, getting a group of good friends and/or family together for a delicious meal, lots of wine and an arsenal of funny YouTube videos is the perfect way to cure the winter blues.

Here are some reasons why Febsgiving is wonderful:

  • No one expects you to be anywhere for most of February, so there are no turkey tradition scheduling conflicts. Just pick a day and invite the funniest and nicest people you know.
  • You can screw it up and no one cares. Forgot the cranberries? No problem. Never defrosted the turkey? Womp womp. Maybe your new Febsgiving tradition is peanuts and SpaghettiOs. It’s still a special day.
  • You can start looking forward to it as soon as the ball drops on January 1.
  • Once you have more than one Febsgiving, it’s officially an annual event, so you can look back on Febsgivings past and reminisce. Remember when Uncle Andy took his shirt off and danced to every song by Death Cab for Cutie? That was an awesome Febsgiving.
  • It’ll give you the same warm fuzzies you get from all the other lovely winter holidays.
  • Pie.

punpkin pie