Day 125: It’s Time

by ashleighpenrod

It’s time for many, many things. For spring, for gay people to be able to marry each other, for everyone to stop using plastic grocery bags and get a couple nice reusable ones (I mean, really…. it’s so easy), etc.

After approximately 47 days of thought, it’s also time for me to cut back on blogging. I hate the encroaching notion that I may have to send crappy content into the world just to follow my own blog-every-day rule. So, I’m changing the rule.

Part of me (most of me, really) views cutting back as a failure. I didn’t even make it halfway to 402 days.

Another, much, much smaller part of me views this for what it really is—a shift in priorities. When I started 402, I had just quit my full-time job to pursue self-employment. I wanted to write, so write I did.

Now, 125 days later, I’m up to my ears in contract work that I love, my friends all have adorable babies and puppies that I want to go visit, and I was accepted into the cast of a amazing show that goes up in June. We start intensive rehearsals in a couple of weeks, and I should probably focus on being a happy and sane employee, cast member, friend and human being.

(My life is not all sunshine and roses—I did lose a mitten yesterday.)

All this is not to say I’m quitting the blog. I’m just quitting the every day-ness of it. There are so many incredibly interesting people and ideas in the world, I won’t be able to stay away for more than a couple of days between posts. Rest assured that I will still flood your email inbox and Facebook feed.

For now, enjoy a beautiful weekend with someone (or a few people) you really like being around. Share some hugs. Punch some shoulders (lovingly).

See you in a few days.